Attention: our newest release on vinyl Universo Do Canto Falado production is delayed due the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, new release date is August 2021.

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The Tropical Diaspora® Records musical ethos.

Our language is music. We feel obliged to empower the people we work with by means of giving them the chance to control their own narrative. We emphasize cross-cultural experiences that show the manner how communities take their past and present into their own hands. And we are glad to be an instrument for this purpose. We are popular based, politically conscious and anti-colonial. Read our Manifesto.

Universo do Canto Falado by RAPadura Xique-Chico

Tropical Diaspora® Records

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Tropical Diaspora® Records MANIFESTO

All that we are not and will never become – Tropical Diaspora® Records’ position facing cultural appropriation. read it...