About Us

Active since 1999 and established as recording company in 2015 in Berlin by the DJ and producer DJ Garrincha (São Paulo, Brazil) the label goes back to the 1990’s Berlin, at a time of underground parties and a very exciting cultural milieu where DJ Garrincha was active. In 2008 he started the event called Tropical Diaspora, soon joined by the cultural scholar and DJ DR. Sócrates (Vigo, Spain).

We are an independent record label, and event, Tropical Diaspora®️ Records has as its main focus the production of vinyl records of the Afro Diaspora and Native cultures so-called by the colonizers indigenous culture.

The logo of the company perfectly expresses this goal. It represents a woman in the shape of the Atlantic Ocean whose hair symbolizes the sea currents that brought African populations from Africa into the Americas and still guide today thousands of immigrants ashore. These stories of diasporas forced by enslavement or for economic reasons, fleeing wars and poverty, are the stories that we at Tropical Diaspora®️ Records are interested in.

We are committed to create a musical narrative about the people who crossed the Atlantic from Africa to the Americas, the encounter with the oringinary people and gave rise to cultural expressions that reflect both the horror and hope of that experience. As we carry out our musical research, we come face to face with the question of how to address the cultural life of communities that have been dispossessed for many centuries. Ways of looking and narratives need to be handed back, as we observe with sadness how mainstream recording companies are still in the business of taking advantage of, expropriating the cultural heritage of Africa and the Americas.

Our language is music. We feel oblige to empower the people we work with by means of giving them the chance to control their own narrative. We emphasize cross-cultural experiences that show the manner how communities take their past and present into their own hands. And we are glad to be an instrument for this purpose.