• We emphasize cross-cultural experiences...

    We are committed to create a musical narrative about the people who crossed the Atlantic from Africa to other continents and the encounter with the oringinary people that gave rise to cultural expressions that reflect both, the horror and the hope of this experience. As we carry out our musical research, we come face to face with the question of how to address the cultural life of communities that have been dispossessed and opressed for many centuries. Ways of looking and narratives need to be handed back, as we observe with sadness how mainstream recording companies are still in the business of taking advantage of, expropriating the cultural heritage of African and originary people world wi

  • We would like to thank Frantz Fanon, always a source of inspiration..

    from Toward the African Revolution

    “…Having judged, condemned, abandoned his cultural forms, his
    language, his food habits, his sexual behavior, his way of sitting down,
    of resting, of laughing, of enjoying himself, the oppressed flings
    himself upon the imposed culture with the desperation of a drowning man.
    …It is not possible to enslave men without logically making
    them inferior through and through. And racism is only the emotional,
    affective, sometimes intellectual explanation of this inferiorization.…”