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Fita Embolada Do Engenho Vol.1 ☆ by Rapadura

Fita Embolada Do Engenho Vol.1 ☆ by Rapadura

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FITA EMBOLADA DO ENGENHO VOL.1 on tape cassette 

Exclusive and only available in the Limited Vinyl Bundle* Edition Universo Do Canto Falado

RAPadura is a Brazilian poet, singer, rapper, music producer and activist who builds his work on a contemporary mix of rap and the tradition of the popular culture of the Northeast Region of Brazil.

At 35, with 22 years of independent career, he is known in the hip hop scene for his differential of joining rap to the northeastern imagination. During his career, he recorded with O Rappa, Mato Seco & Ponto de Equilíbrio, Rashid, BaianaSystem, among others. He started to go up on stage as the vocal backing of the legendary G.O.G, from Brasília. There was a mixtape created by the fans, with songs that were on the internet.

His single “Norte Nordeste me Veste”, with 5 million views on youtube, popularized the artist across the country. The song is part of the artist’s first independent work “FITA EMBOLADA DO ENGENHO”, released in 2010 with Rapadura’s own production.

To reinforce the originality of Brazilian music has always been one of his most important motivations, therefore his origin plays a predominant role in his work. Born in the state of Ceará*, in the northeastern part of Brazil, on the Atlantic coast, RAPadura represents the interconnection of several artistic, social, cultural and political elements from the past and present-day Brazilian society. Unlike many rappers inspired by the North-American matrix of the Hip Hop genre, RAPadura’s music, lyrics, performances and productions bring into play, as chief ingredients, the poetry, the mythology, the rhymes, the traditions, the rhythms, expressions and manifestations of the northeastern region.

RAPadura Xique-Chico The Truth Conscious Rap Artist from Latin-America

At Tropical Diaspora® Records we saw the significance of RAPadura’s work, so we felt compelled to be part of it. We know that his message needs to be shared, and we are pleased and happy to be part of this transformation. That’s why this vinyl record came to be, and why we became part of the mission: the challenge to answer RAPadura Xique Chico’s call to spread the culture of the Nordeste all over the world.



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