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Tropical Diaspora

Cities Of Diaspora Vol.1 (São Paulo)

Cities Of Diaspora Vol.1 (São Paulo)

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The 7 inch DJ Edition Series (45 rpm, big hole)

 Side A with  Grupo Höröyá / Chico César / Clarianas • Todo Lugar É Sertão.

Höröyá receives Chico César and Clarianas, within the Pan Bras'Afree'ke project. Also participating are musicians Adama Koeta and Barou Kouyate, from Mali. Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil and Bamako, Mali. It isn’t right to pick the heritage and creativity of oppressed cultures without thinking about the repercussions. This is appropriation. But Höröya has taken a different path. The band from São Paulo does not imitate Afrobeat or Afrojazz. It makes a conscious use of these. In the context of race and class segregation that shapes Brazilian social life, it becomes a political stance. Its front man, André Piruka knows very well what means to be Afro-Brazilian today. His musical compositions, his use of the African instruments and rhythms, show a deep respect and understanding of a cultural tradition that differs from certain stereotypes that still shape the way how Brazil understands its relation to Africa, despite that Africa has dramatically shaped the Brazilian musical culture for centuries. The music created by the African diaspora in Brazil, and everywhere too, has been the result of a collective struggle carried out in the most inhumane conditions. Its survival talks about the resilience of thousands of women and men at the moment of their extermination. Any use, performance, rework or reinterpretation of this musical heritage need to have it in mind. So, it is with Höröya, and many other bands in Brazil, that make use of Afrobeat departing from the slums of their own reality.

Side B with  a remastered version of Grilos Da Vida (Nego Vem Sambá) by Regis Moreno.

A gem is gone. After a long illness (António) Regis Moreno passed away in São Paulo. Regis was one of the greatest representatives of samba-rock, the musical blend of samba, funk and rock that has come to characterize a specific time in Brazilian popular music. Having emerged from the poor black peripheries of the city, Regis could fill with his band Banda Jardes big concert halls in the 1980’s. We at Tropical Diaspora Records had the immense privilege to know Regis and his music firsthand. We published on vinyl a reissue of his massive hit “Grilos da Vida” (today sold-out). “Grilos da Vida” is a song that represents like few others the true spirit of samba-rock with its distinctive guitar take. Regis had the opportunity to enjoy with us the renaissance of his music and further collaborations were planned. Today it is no longer possible. A beautiful soul is gone. So generous that he has left us to enjoy the soundtrack of our lives; these are the Grilos da Vida.


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