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Tropical Diaspora

Sereia Da Maré by Joanah Flor, TDR024 (Digital Platforms, Bandcamp)

Sereia Da Maré by Joanah Flor, TDR024 (Digital Platforms, Bandcamp)

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The New Single by Joanah Flor

Sereia Da Maré / Tide Mermaid

At Tropical Diaspora® Records we are committed to create a narrative, musical and otherwise, about the people that crossed the Atlantic from Africa to the “Americas” and gave rise to different cultural expressions that reflect both the horror and hope of that experience.

In creating such a narrative we are however aware that the tools we use to communicate our idea and mission are shaped by the historical narrative of the imperialist powers; the hegemonic role that, for example, language play: French, English and Portuguese in Africa; Spanish, Portuguese and English in the “Americas“.

We are even to blame for using English as lingua franca for our purposes. But, is it silence a better option? We won’t be silent. We want to speak; we believe that we have the right to speak and will use whatever means we have at our disposal in order to open up a communicative interface that is respectful of the history and legacy of the communities whose experiences, struggles.



Lyrics, Voice and Music - Joanah Flor
Percussion - Toca Ogan
Drums - Henrique Falcão
Bass - Toinho Japa
Guitar - Notlim Santiago
Trumpet – Márcio Oliveira

Musica Production – Lindenberg Oliveira
Executive Production – Renata Paton & Tropical Diaspora® Records
Photo – Luana Rocha
Graphic Design Cover Art – Noelle Marão
Recorded at Estúdio Maruim Records
Mastered at Estúdio Massapê

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