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Tropical Diaspora

Olhos Negros Vivo ☆ by Renato Gama

Olhos Negros Vivo ☆ by Renato Gama

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★ 80 gram Bonus 7" by Nhocuné Soul

Tropical Diaspora® Records is happy to announce a partnership with Renato Gama and Sá Menina Produções Artísticas.


Renato Gama is an extraordinary and gifted musician. Based in Vila Nhocuné, a popular neighbourhood in the east of São Paulo’s periphery, “zona leste”, Renato Gama beautifully personifies the pulse against prejudice and social injustice that comes from the margins of Brazilian society and what social elites have chosen to ignore. A voice to be heard, for sure!

Renato Gama’s diverse musical projects, worth to mention is the Nhocuné Soul band, are a form of cultural and artistic crossbreeding with the goal of social emancipation. Renato Gama knows in person what people have to deal with in the periphery: a hostile environment full of difficulties, and despite all disadvantages there is a creative soul which flourishes, which raps and jazzes, which makes poetry and tells stories out of the poverty and inequality left by a careless State.




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