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Tropical Diaspora

El Cantomanto by La Fanfarria Del Capitán

El Cantomanto by La Fanfarria Del Capitán

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☆☆☆ The Band featured in the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel” Part 3 & 4 also broke records as the most-watched Netflix series or film of all time in any language, including English, in many key territories around the world.☆☆☆

La Fanfarria Del Capitán with a new album, tour and own wine brand
by Uta Bretsch

Argentinian band La Fanfarriadel Capitán have traveled halfway around the world with their music, bringing their eclectic, energetic and passionate world-folk mix of rock, Latin American rhythms, ska, reggae and Balkan melodies to festival and club venues - Stages in South America, Asia and Europe.

In the Spanish TV series La Casa de Papel, the six band members played themselves in seasons 3 and 4 and their music has been used in the Russian Netflix series The Method.

Last but not least, the band has also created their own type of wine "El Vino del Capitán". It was first imported from Argentina as merchandise for tour sales, but has been coming from the well-known Ingelheim organic winery Arndt F. Werner since 2021.

But the connections to Germany go much further: four of the six musicians fell in love here, settled down and founded families in the most diverse regions of the country from Hamburg to Trier and Berlin to Bayreuth. The lively cultural exchange with German artists, topics and projects has also become a strong element in the history of the band.

Their sixth album El Cantomanto was be released on June 2022 and has been developed over the two years before, partly individually at home and partly together as a band, whereby the creativity at home has produced more intimate and at the same time more exploratory sounds and ideas. The range of musical styles has thus grown even further and ranges from indie rock pop summer melodies to synth madness, rock ska ("Hey Capitán" and "Posadeiro"), acid jazz ("Better Times"), one a traditional rhythm called Wayno from the Andes based lullaby ("El plato del día") and Cumbia Andina ("Potosí") to the Balkan disco.

It's about heartbreaks from memories of times spent together that were close to perfect happiness, the pain of separation when friends leave you to live abroad, or the longing to see the sea again. "Better Times" raises the question of whether we will ever see better times after the crisis. Sung in Bavarian dialect, "Schau ma moi" was created in collaboration with the dialect band Lenze & de Buam, and the song "Come To Berlin", sweating in disco fever, is a homage to the magic of the capital, its art and its lifestyle. It was home to Fanfarria for many months over the years.

The comforting album title, El Cantomanto, is the band's own creation. It is made up of "canto" = singing and "manto" = cloth/blanket and, according to singer and accordionist Victoria Cornejo, means that "music and singing offer us protection and security".

The members of the Argentinian band, which was founded in 2005 and has been touring around the world since 2011, have become true citizens of the world.

Martin Muth: Drums
Gonzalo Marinucci: Bass
Francisco Mercado: Violin
Juan Pablo Pelaez: Trompete
Victoria Cornejo: Acordeon, Lead Vocals
Jeronimo Cassagne: Gitar, Backing Vocals



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