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Midnight Illusions (New 2LP) by BillyTheKid

Midnight Illusions (New 2LP) by BillyTheKid

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US Import / Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Double Album

"Chicago based writer, skater and beat maker BillyTheKid drops his 1st vinyl release! Midnight Illusions was originally released on cassette in the Spring of 2023, and has now landed on proper format (2LP's). With one foot on a skateboard and another sonically dipped into 1980's nostalgia, BTK is a master of his craft. Expect nothing more and nothing less than clean/primo beats from one of the citites undground giants."

by 606 Records Chicago

"Midnight Illusions is "an audio interpretation of the peaks & valleys experienced in the mystique of nocturnal romance." - BillyTheKid


Billy the Kid one of greatest beat making talents from Chicago. 

It was 2017 in Chicago in a cold February i meet Billy The Kid for the second time at the  beat making live contest hosted by King Hippo in the venue The Whistler. Billy The Kid won again after with a beat he choose from a record i put on.

Fresh Roasted Feb.2017 Edition

King Hippo ( QC/ Lumpen Radio )
DJ Garrincha ( Tropical Diaspora/ Berlin )

Billy the Kid ( Current Champ )

The beat making contest called Fresh Hosted invite two record collectors to present samples to three beat-makers who then make a beat on the spot where, the audience in the spot decides who wins.

Dj GArRinchA

The record Midnight illusions with the latest beats by Billy The Kid Available Now! Listen to it on bandcamp...

1.    Illusions 01:00
2.    NouveauRiche 01:55
3.    Heatcheck 01:51
4.    Talk2Me 02:14
5.    ShadowChaser 02:05
6.    Vanity 01:41
7.    ThiefN'DaNyte 01:44
8.    Cupiid'sPsychRhythm 02:48
9.    Unrequitted 02:22
10.    Lust4Yuu 03:12
11.    Never2Late 01:42
12.    VHSMEMOIRS1 01:16
13.    FirstTimeLove 03:00
14.    Naughty900 01:44
15.    BestOfMe 02:35
16.    Careless 02:47
17.    StrayngeLuv 01:25
18.    Wine&Dined 01:50
19.    DesignerFashion 01:32
20.    SweetNothings 02:35
21.    Situations (Part1&2) 03:51
22.    VHSMEMOIRS2 01:13
23.    FoolishNotions 02:29
24.    Affair 03:13 

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