Tropical Diaspora® Records & Nibiru Recordz BR presents  UNIVERSO DO CANTO FALADO

Tropical Diaspora® Records & Nibiru Recordz BR presents UNIVERSO DO CANTO FALADO

RAPadura Xique-Chico

RAPadura is a Brazilian poet, singer, rapper, music producer and activist who builds his work on a contemporary mix of rap and the tradition of the popular culture of the Northeast Region of Brazil.

Digital Released in 2020, the album “Universo do Canto Falado” was the first official album by the musician RAPadura. The project features twelve original songs, maintaining the same style that revolutionized Brazilian Rap in 2010 from his first mix-tape called “A Fita Embolada Do Engenho. With rhythms ranging from regional, psychedelic rock, pop to the artist’s roots in conscious rap, with the well-known speed flows, beats and well-prepared samples, the artist explores his voice in an unusual way. Matter of fact even the colonizers got the message and the record was Nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2020

RAPadura Xique-Chico The Truth Latin American Hip-Hop

RAPadura has shared the stage with great artists such as Lenine, BaianaSystem, Paulo Diniz, Maria Rita, MV Bill, Gog, Racionais MC’s among others, and has been spreading his ideas through music since his first album “Fita Embolada do Engenho – Rapadura na Boca do Povo”, an original, innovative and refreshing work that has created a new genre in Brazilian music, only comparable to the Mangue Beat of Chico Science.

At Tropical Diaspora® Records we saw the significance of RAPadura’s work, so we felt compelled to be part of it. We know that his message needs to be shared, and we are pleased and happy to be part of this transformation. That’s why this vinyl record came to be, and why we became part of the mission: the challenge to answer RAPadura Xique Chico’s call to spread the culture of the Nordeste all over the world.

We are pleased to announce the Pre-Order

This is an exclusive vinyl bundle with following items:

  • Color LP 180g Universo Do Canto Falado.
  • 7 inch Dj Edition with an unreleased song
  • Cassette with his first record Fita Embolada Do Engenho
  • A1 Poster with Lyrics and TD®R Manifesto

Release price 50,-€  ~  pre-order ONLY 40,-€

Pre-Order available NOW*

*due COVID-19 the expected release date is: Mai.2021

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