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Berlin Mar 8 (TD®R): New Mix Tape Dj GArRinchA WOMANISH

Berlin Mar 8 (TD®R): New Mix Tape Dj GArRinchA WOMANISH


The history behind the creation of commemorative dates can be found easily nowadays, matter of fact for instance the day to celebrate native people in Brazil was created by their oppressors, dates created for independence in most Latin American countries in the same way end up with the oppressor in power, the history tell us that those countries never were, aren´t and will never be independent. Other special dates are created for children, to celebrate the same children that in their majority in the world don´t have access to food, water, education or a childhood in immigration camps. This is the same with the International Women´s Day that might be another day created by a small group of white woman’s in the US and Europe and today don´t represent or help all the woman´s worldwide. Nevertheless I use today´s inspiration coming from woman´s that are close to me and others far away from all over the world to make me WOMANISH creating a strictly feminine Mix Tape. Enjoy it!


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